Archery and AXE Throwing

Our Archery Range will soon be back up and running. With the lack of Ammo why not come out and shoot arrows instead. The cost is not bad and you can learn a new skill. Remember, the good ole Duke boys could not own guns but they could really wreak havoc with a Bow.

We have classes starting this month!

Join us Saturday April 10 for the Introduction to Archery Seminar and on Sunday April 25 for the Beginning Compound Bow Seminar.

More classes will soon start, so be on the lookout for them posted in our training calendar. We will have Recurve and Compound Bows for you to rent and use when you are here. Want to learn the basics of Archery, our instructor Bryan Walsh will guide you through the Setup and use of either Compound or Recurve Archery for sport or Hunting.

Come out and try the new sport that is hitting America by storm. AXE Throwing. it is easy, safe and fun. For just a few bucks you and your family can have a great time competing on who is the best and gets the most Bullseyes. Axe throwing can be done by anyone. The Throwing cage is isolated and safe for everyone to use. Using the World Axe Throwing League Video to learn how easy it is to throw an Axe. Our Throwing cage has a safety system in place to keep the axes from coming back at you if they bounce, plus they are in a cage so even if you throw it too high or too far to one side the axe is contained in the cage. Come out and enjoy the sport of Axe Throwing today!